Diesel Engineering

Diesel Engineering is a family-owned business located in western Massachusetts. We specialize in the rebuilding of AMBAC (formerly American Bosch) M100 heads and rotors, Stanadyne heads and rotors and the manufacturing of high-performance tractor pulling M100 heads.


M100 heads and rotors

  • HD 9421 (9mm H&R)
  • HD 9422 (10mm H&R)
  • HD 9423 (10mm H&R)
  • HD 9454 (10mm H&R)

M100 tractor pulling heads and rotors

These heads are also modified for faster filling at high RPM.

  • 11mm head and rotor
  • 13mm head and rotor for stock cam
  • 13mm head and rotor for high lift cam

Stanadyne DB style head and rotor assembly

  • DBG - 6.330 Stanadyne part #18770
  • DBG - 6.370 Stanadyne part #20540
  • DBG - 3.310 Stanadyne part #19934
  • DBG - 4.310 Stanadyne part #18781
  • DBG - 4.290 Stanadyne part #20478

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products and services.

(413) 781-7101

Diesel Engineering, Inc.
139 Wayside Ave.
West Springfield, MA 01089